What people are saying about Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or, MFT

As a Therapist:

Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or is a catalyst for change. She creates a safe and comfortable environment in which people can explore new ideas and learn about themselves. With honest dialogue and positive reinforcement, Rabbi Bat-Or guides individuals through difficult change that allows them to realize their better selves.

Bonnie Widerman, BA, Linguistics, and MA, Communications Management

Rabbi Bat-Or’s training and experience enable her to bring to her work a rich maturity and deep understanding of the human yearning to matter, to make a difference, to be respected and affirmed, and yes, even to bless and be blessed. Her work as a congregational rabbi and as president of the Center for Racial Understanding in Macon have enriched her capacity to understand and share with others her insights related to group dynamics and individual human behavior.

Rev. Rhett D. Baird, Retired, Minister Emeritus, High Street Unitarian Universalist Church, Macon, GA. and Fayetteville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville, AR

Rachel Bat Or is a skilled trainer, listener and facilitator. She brings a unique perspective to her work based on years of experience with clients. She knows how to bring out people’s strengths and to inspire growth and change. I highly recommend her work.

Rabbi Gail Diamond, Associate Director, Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem

Rachel worked with me during a time of huge personal change. Our work spanned a five year period. Her listening and reflective skills, compassion, wisdom and steadfast presence plus her professionalism and expertise changed my life not just at the time, but for the long run. I recommend her as a change agent, a supportive and insightful guide of the highest integrity.

Edie McLeod, Hospice Volunteer and Bereavement Services

As a Rabbi:

Rabbi Bat Or combines the best of Rabbinical worlds. She is empathetic and able to debate religious topics while remaining deeply knowledgeable and true to her Conservative roots. She serves her congregational needs well, from the youngest Hebrew Schooler to the eldest of the elderly. Her sermons are always on-topic, thought-provoking, and timely. Her services are varied, making it a joy to attend Synagogue. She becomes more than a Rabbi. She becomes your friend.

Louis Schlesinger, CEO at CyForensics, LLC

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